"3 Generations of Silliness" - My mom, sister, niece & I just can’t go to the mall like normal folks…I think it’s hereditary though, that’s my excuse. From my niece modeling her future prom dress in a Dillard’s fashion show, to an impromptu dance party. …never a dull moment w/the clan. #Dillards #HotGreatGrandmothers #Tattoos #Family #Prom #CupidShuffle @therealhillaree @rikkioden #EdithWitherspoon

Woke up in the room of a very young and very tiny person - who likes wrestling, basketball, Angry Birds, sneakers - to name a few; with a tiny furry creature guarding me… that MAY or MAY NOT be a dog (jury’s out). Thank you nephew @jaxonpresley for letting me temporarily take over your room. Cc @therealhillaree & @mrmepx3 #LitchfieldPark

I managed to get “shortest” big sister @therealhillaree into spin class with me in AZ. Although she’s annoyed w/me for it, the workout was worth it! “Hurts so good!” (at LA Fitness)

#TBT …To that weekend hanging out in Chicago showing the friends around, when I thought I was Amish apparently…😳…and we tried to make “Pointing” catch in response to “Planking”. 😳😳 Needless to say…it never caught on! #Chicago2011

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